Significant Black Leader Says That Trump’s Victory Is Significant For Those Who Embrace ‘Faith, Family, Traditional Marriage’

It was the leader of the Coalition of African American Pastors who has said that it was thanks to the wide variety of Christians who voted for Trump that made a great difference to the election result. This is because he is promising to protect their family values and religious liberty.

Rev. William Owens congratulated Trump and said that those who “voted their values” helped hi claim victory.

“Donald Trump asked black voters and Christians to give him a chance and that’s exactly what we did,” Owens said, adding:

The Coalition of African American Pastors launched a sustained campaign to persuade black voters to stop letting themselves be used by the failed policies and empty promises of Democratic politicians. It is clear that this is a message that resonated with many voters and helped make Mr. Trump our next president.

She had personally endorsed Trump after he had asked the Christian communities to give him a chance to protect their faith.

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Owens said:

It is time we faced the truth. The policies embraced by the Democrats have failed us for decades. They have destroyed our communities, weakened our families, and doomed us to a future of dependency. What’s more, the Democrats now take our votes for granted and ignore our voices in favor of other interest groups.

Asserting that the relationship between blacks and Democrats is “one-sided,” Owens said, “They ask for everything—support, votes, unquestioning loyalty—and give nothing back. If we want to reclaim our power as voters, then African Americans need to demonstrate that we won’t allow ourselves to be used.”

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