So It Begins…. Al Sharpton Says Trump Won Due To Racism!!

Al Sharpton of course has been running his mouth today abut Donald Trump being elected. As usual, he is not making much sense at all. He blames racism on social media as being the reason why Trump won in such a comprehensive manner. Being a classic race-baiter, he finished his rant by saying ‘he isn’t going to blame anyone.‘


“I think we are in a real moment…like Nixon”???

“He [Trump] did all of the dogwhistles. This is not Bernie Sanders populism, this is George Wallace populism that he’s doing.

Then he went on further to say something that sounds like he’s talking about Obama right? Nope, he is talking about Trump…such nonsense.

“But he cannot say he did not run a campaign that has created a lot of racial fears and a lot of divisiveness and he played to the crowd and he knew what he was playing to.”

There is no denying that Al Sharpton is not a happy camper, not even close. He is however, accepting that yes, Trump has become the President, but then follows up with a sort of threat…

“Trump need to know we are not going down without a fight” After this statement, he got a few golf claps from the live audience.

I know him here in New York. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was playing to the worst elements. The question is now what are you going to do?”

This is very interesting. He is your classic pot and is calling the kettle black and is very loud about it. He should go away and concentrate on paying his taxes!

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