Something Downright CHILLING Found In Mosque DAYS After Trump Travel Ban Is Blocked

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Last Friday, a liberal judge temporarily halted Donald Trump’s travel ban. Days later, something was found at a mosque that shows EXACTLY why a ban such as this is necessary.

The Daily Caller reported that an Iraqi general just found 20 blank Iraqi passports in an abandoned Islamic State safe house in Mosul. Authorities believe that ISIS terrorists planned to forge these passports so that they could flee Syria.

The passports reportedly included 16 Russian passports and four French ones. Documents written by ISIS fighters were also seized from the home.

“He doesn’t want to fight, wants to return to France,” an ISIS commander wrote of a French fighter. “Claims his will is a martyrdom operation in France. Claims sick but doesn’t have a medical report.”

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Suicide missions are referred to as “martyrdom operations” by ISIS.

Another document stated that a French fighter assisted “in the departure of Abu Azzam al-Fransi and his wife from the land of the Caliphate.”

The fact that ISIS is forging passports to get into Western countries shows EXACTLY why Trump’s temporary immigration ban is so necessary. SHARE this story if you think Trump’s travel ban should be REINSTATED!