Story About Trump Groping Woman Proven To Be False!!

It was only yesterday that a New York Times piece about Trump allegedly assaulting a woman was released to much furor. It has now been found that this was false and the accuser Jessica Leeds was caught lying red handed.

She had been going on news networks and said to Anderson Cooper of CNN that she had flown on Brainiff International Airways 707s from Dallas, Texas to New York City in 1979.

However, they didn’t have 707s back then… only 727s:

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As well as being registered to the Democratic Party, she has also been accuse of stealing more than $1 million worth of damages as a broker and is in serious financial trouble it seems.

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In addition, Leeds had a serous problem with so-called “alpha males.” In October 2002, she wrote this letter to the editor, which was printed in the same New York Times:

To the Editor:

I wouldn’t be surprised if you received more than a few letters from people (mostly women) about to ”To Have and to Hold, Till Driven Apart” (Cars section, Oct. 23). I have thought long and hard about how to communicate to my husband, the true alpha male, that his driving is terrible.

I’ve never had an accident, he says. Yes, but he will make a new lane so he can get ahead of the other cars, he will race through a yellow light, and he will drag-race with the car next to him. Oh, and when the light changes, he absolutely defines the New York minute.

I have said to him: This is not a race. Driving in the left lane is not a God-given right. Pushing through pedestrians to turn is not gentleman-like behavior.

I am lucky. I have a wonderful man as a husband, but he is a fool when he drives.


This is just another misguided attempt by the Democrats to take Trump down as they know they cannot win any other way.

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