Ted Cruz Eventually Lets Us Know If He Would Take A Supreme Court Position

He has finally committed.

After going through a very brutal campaign, it appears that Ted Cruz has been forgiven and is willing to take a place on the Supreme Court. He will get the seat that was vacated by the recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia.

He made a statement at a conference in DC that was made up of libertarian and conservative lawyers:

“What I will say is that history is long and can take unexpected paths,” he said in response to an audience question about his filling the vacancy. “I think it is absolutely vital that that seat and every other seat that comes vacant on the court be filled by principled constitutionalists who will be faithful to the law and will check their own policy preferences at the door and simply honor their oath.”

“I can also tell you that I have right now the privilege of serving in the United States Senate, of representing 27 million Texans,” he said. “That is a privilege and a responsibility I take very, very seriously. And I look forward to continuing to carry out that responsibility and continuing to fight for the principles of freedom and the principles embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights,” he added, The Daily Caller is reporting.

Cruz wasn’t one of the 21 judges on the list of possible Supreme Court nominees that President-Elect Donald Trump released back in September, but rumors have spread that he is in serious contention. The transition team has not confirmed is he is being “vetted” for the position.

At the conference, he appealed to the audience to work with the incoming administration by filling the ranks of the executive branch. “We need all hands on deck,” he said, noting it was an historic opportunity to return to Constitutional principles.

“Don’t bicker agency to agency, office to office, official to official,” he added. “Instead, if we are to succeed in turning the leviathan, we can’t succumb to those impulses.”

Cruz also congratulated his “colleague and good friend,” Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions on his nomination to be U.S. Attorney General. “He is a committed and deeply principled conservative, and if those who serve in this administration have even a fraction of his integrity and his commitment to principle, we are going see and administration that does remarkable things for the people of this country,” he said. Cruz met with members of the transition at Trump Tower in New York earlier this week, fueling speculation he could be appointed to be the AG.

After his remarks, the senator told reporters that he is determined to see, “A strong conservative constitutionalist confirmed to the Supreme Court, and that across the board we continue to deliver on the promises we made to the voters throughout this election.”

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