The Director of National Intelligence For Obama Shows Delight In His Resignation

It was as expected as James Clapper; the Director of National Intelligence has handed in his resignation following 50 years of service to the government.

He told the House Select Intelligence Committee on Thursday morning that it “felt pretty good” to hand in the resignation letter.

“I have 64 days left and I’d have a pretty hard time with my wife going past that,” Clapper added.

Many people think that this move was made to be “sending a signal to the Trump administration that they must now speed up the transition” despite the fact him and his wife have noted the stress of the position and his age is not exactly conducive to this type of work.

Politico notes that Clapper told the House Intelligence Committee about his resignation on Thursday morning because the ranking Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff, joked about hearing rumors that Clapper planned to stay on through the end of President Trump’s first term.

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Speculating, CNN listed former Rep. Pete Hoekstra, retired Lt. General Joseph Kellogg, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and former Rep. Mike Rogers as likely candidates to succeed Clapper.

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