With FBI Director James Comey now successfully kicked to the curb, the field of viable candidates for his long overdue replacement has been whittled down and include some very good candidates. One in particular will have “Lock Her Up!” fans ecstatic.

According to The Hill, South Carolina Republican member of the House, Trey Gowdy, has been tapped by the President to appear on his shortlist of 12 candidates.

Gowdy was instrumental in leading two grillings of Hillary Clinton’s State Department over the tragic deaths of four Americans killed in an attack on U.S. compounds in Benghazi, Libya back in 2012.


A former prosecutor, Gowdy’s investigatory instincts and searing logic made him an instant star for conservatives longing to see justice served. Unfortunately, the Deep State is more powerful than just one brave soul and Gowdy’s efforts were for naught.

The fiery Republican rode into power on the Tea Party wave put in motion by the hubris and autocratic tendencies of Obama and his scum. Gowdy has been unrelenting in trying to hold the feet of the guilty to the fire and if he is made the Director of the FBI, Americans can be assured that Hillary’s email scandal and other misdeed will be looked into once again…this time correctly.