The Muslim Brotherhood Have Proclaimed Trump’s Win As Being A Disaster For All Muslims

The Muslim Brotherhood terror group who were praised by key Democrats like Hillary and Obama have condemned the election of “racist” Donald Trump and say that this spells disaster for the Arab and Muslim world.

It was on Wednesday that these comments were made by a group spokesperson, Mamdouh Al-Muneer, who is also a member of the ruling body Egyptian Islamist Freedom and Justice Party (FJP). He said that it was a catastrophic result.

“Goliath is coming himself, with his horses and men… what our nation has witnessed in the last period is something and what is to come is something different,” he added. “God willing it will be for us not against us.”

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The Brotherhood was founded in Egypt and gradually expanded into the West, such as Australia, Europe and the United States.

Many countries have deemed it to be a terror organization, but this was refused by the Obama administration.

There was a declassified US State Department document that showed how Hillary supported a Brotherhood member and ex Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

Morsi had bene invited to the white House by Obama even. He was overthrown in a military coup by his military chief who is now the president.