Top World Leader HUMILIATES Obama In Epic Way

Israel was once one of the United States’ closest allies, but Barack Hussein Obama has single-handedly changed that by disrespecting them in numerous ways. Now, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making it clear that he has had enough of Obama and his nonsense.

It looks like Obama picked the wrong guy to mess with!

Few could legitimately argue against the fact that there is an obviously less-than-friendly relationship between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Though their most recent meeting together on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly gathering in New York appeared to be lighthearted and all smiles, there was no doubt some tension between the two leaders who don’t see eye-to-eye on a number of issues.

According to Politico, there was nevertheless some joking around when the two delivered remarks to the press following their meeting, with Netanyahu poking fun at Obama’s seeming obsession with golf.

“As you conclude your presidency, I know you’re gonna be busy with many, many things — much more than improving what I hear is a terrific golf game,” Netanyahu told Obama in front of a backdrop of U.S. and Israeli flags.

“Your voice, your influential voice, will be heard for many decades, and I know you’ll continue to support Israel’s right to defend itself and its right to thrive as a Jewish state,” Netanyahu continued, perhaps tongue-in-cheek as he mentioned something that has been a sore spot in their relationship, that is, Israel’s right to defend itself from those who wish to see the small nation wiped off the map.

“So I want you to know, Barack, that you’ll always be a welcome guest in Israel,” he concluded. “And, by the way, I don’t play golf, but right next to my home in Caesarea in Israel is a terrific golf course.”

Obama responded to the joke by declaring that he would take him up on the offer and that they should go ahead and “set up a tee time.”

He then proceeded to lavish praise upon Israel and declare the U.S. – Israeli relationship as “unbreakable,” while he also insisted that he would most certainly visit the “beautiful country” with his wife and kids in tow at some point following the end of his presidency.

These two world leaders don’t particularly care for each other, but they were able to set their differences aside if only for the duration of their appearance before the media.

The fact that Netanyahu took that opportunity to take a humorous shot at Obama’s golf obsession just made the moment that much more enjoyable.

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