Treasonous Relationship Between Hillary and Soros Exposed By Huma Abedin!!

If Hillary would have been the new president, she would have followed what her backers were telling her to do. She wouldn’t work for the people; she would follow order form an elite group of a dozen billionaires.

According to The Truth Division:

Many Americans know that Hillary Clinton and George Soros are on the same wavelength. Many know that they’ve been spotted together, infrequently, at different events and functions.

But now, according to a new email by Wikileaks, it wasn’t really that infrequent — and it was much more personal.

In an email from Clinton’s right-hand aide Huma Abedin to campaign manager Robby Mook and campaign CEO John Podesta, Hillary was going to wine and dine with globalist George Soros.

Then, immediately after, Huma mentions Soros’ interest in getting Hillary onboard with a new political group called America Votes — and he wanted the Democratic nominee to fundraise for them.

Take a look:

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