Trump Delivers BRUTAL Message to MS-13 Gangs


Human decency and civilized society will always be stalked by those residing in the shadows of criminality and senseless violence. Every society struggles to control such impulses perpetrated by their own citizens, but for a society to be simultaneously swamped by a concentrated wave of dangerous criminals of foreign origin demands steps be taken which could easily keep them out.

As reported by the Conservative Tree House, President Trump alongside Attorney General Jeff Sessions is moving quickly to undo the traitorous ignorance of Obama’s Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Program, which is nothing more than a Trojan Horse disgorging hundreds of MS-13 gang members into this country.


On April 18, the President tweeted, “The weak immigration policies of the Obama Admin. Allowed bad MS 13gangs to form in cities across U.S. We are removing them fast!”

MS 13 is one of, if not perhaps ‘the’, most deadly gangs in the Americas. Their barbarity has brought scenes of death upon humanity not witnessed since the Middle Ages.

Conservative Tree House offers interesting evidence correlating the opening of UAC offices/shelters with a rise in MS 13 crime and arrests.

Sessions has vowed to carry out President Trump’s wish to eradicate these animals from our streets. Under the leadership of both of these men, Americans should feel reassured that justice is coming.

Do you think the UAC program has allowed gangs to infiltrate into the U.S.?