Wednesday, May 17 witnessed the largest anti-gang law enforcement raid in Los Angeles’ history, as President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ vow to destroy the merciless MS-13 gang began to yield concrete action.

In the early morning hours on that day, 50 simultaneous police raids took place throughout L.A., “taking down almost two dozen ‘high-ranking’ suspected leaders of the notoriously violent MS-13 street gang, along with numerous Mexican Mafia leaders,” reports Breitbart.

Of those apprehended, “34 MS-13 and Mexican Mafia associates were charged with federal RICO violations, and five Mexican Mafia associates were charged ‘in a narcotics conspiracy.’ Two others were arrested for probable cause for narcotics and weapons violations,” writes the conservative news site.

Undocumented Democrat voters (aka MS-13)

While the investigation began in 2014, action was not taken until Trump and Sessions ascended to power and began to put pressure on law enforcement to rein in the scourge of gang violence gripping America’s metropolitan areas.

MS-13 is particularly vicious and preys on the illegal alien population in the country. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck is quoted as saying, “They [MS-13] extort them. They rob them. They rape them. They murder them.”

As usual, the media inserts its bias into the story.

“The [Los Angeles] Times [which ran the story] also made special note that President Donald Trump should not receive any credit for the raids—even though they occurred on his watch: ‘The sweep was based on sealed federal indictments orchestrated before President Trump — who has cast MS-13 as a deadly domestic scourge that his administration will wipe out — took office.’

Funny though, how it only occurred on Trump’s watch. The media really expects us to believe that attention seeking Obama would have allowed this great arrest to be gifted to Trump?

I don’t think so.