Trump Endorsed By Jill Stein… She Decimates Hillary in the Process

It is good to see that people are still coming out to publicly support Trump instead of hating on him.

Jill Stein has endorsed Trump and managed to destroy Hillary in the process, as well as all of her beliefs.

In video footage, she says “Donald Trump is better” and that “Hillary Clinton more likely is start nuclear war.”

She believes Trump will go the peaceful route with the Russians as opposed to declaring war with them, by creating a no fly zone in Syria.

The Russians have already said they will shoot down US planes that fly into their controlled territories in Syria.

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She also references Gorbachev and his comments about how we are closer to nuclear war now more than ever due to the policies of Hillary.

She says she won’t be able to sleep at night if Hillary gets into the White House. This is a massive vote of confidence for Trump, as a lot of the independent voters will now get behind him.

Trump is the best option to find peace with Russia.

What are your thoughts on this?