Trump Gets Some BIG News Immediately Before Debate

The final presidential debate is set to take place in Nevada in just a few hours, and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has some high hopes for it.

According to CNN, the latest polls in Nevada have Trump virtually tied with Hillary Clinton despite the rocky month he has had. Trump has a history of doing very well in Nevada, and it was a resounding victory in this year’s caucuses in the state that helped him clinch the Republican nomination.

The latest CNN polls have Clinton in the lead in Nevada with 46% support and Trump right behind her with 44%, well within the margin of error. This shows how resilient Trump has been in the state, since the poll was done right after the release of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape in which Trump made lewd comments about women.

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The final national polls before the debate also have come as good news for Trump. The latest Rasmussen poll released today has Trump and Clinton both at 42% among likely voters. This comes a day after their poll gave Clinton a one point lead over Trump, putting her at 42% and him at 41%.

This makes it clear that despite what the media has been telling us, the unfounded sexual assault allegations against Trump have NOT knocked him out of the race.

Trump has managed to maintain a double digit lead among men, while Clinton has a double digit lead among women. Clearly, the final debate will be crucial or both candidates in their quest to win over the opposite sex.

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