Trump SHOCKS Ben Carson With MASSIVE Offer – He Never Expected This

While addressing pastors in Cleveland hours after his win on Wednesday, Donald Trump heaped enormous praise on Dr. Ben Carson, going so far as to imply that there will definitely be a place for him in his administration, saying there will be a “great place” for him.

“Not only is he a brilliant guy, but he’s got a brilliant heart. He loves people. And if all of this happens, there will be a great place for Ben,” Trump said of the former GOP candidate, according to Western Journalism.

“I don’t know if he wants that, but I know that he wants to help people,” Trump added. “But there will be a great place.”

Carson first endorsed Trump last March, and the liberal American Democracy Legal Fund immediately filed a complaint with the Justice Department claiming that Trump had illegally promised Carson a position in his administration in exchange for the endorsement. Carson called these claims “ridiculous,” adding, “I would never ask for such a thing.”

The retired neurosurgeon has since repeatedly denied even wanting a position in Trump’s cabinet. Back in April, Carson told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that he doesn’t “need a position.”

The Trumps will be an incredible first family. Do you agree?

“What type of jobs has Donald Trump talked to you about in a Trump administration? What type of positions? Has he talked to you about being running mate? Has he talked to you about other positions?” Todd asked Carson.

“We haven’t talked about any specific positions. What we have talked about is the fact that we both have a strong desire to heal this country and to preserve it for the next generation, and that we would work together to help that happen,” Carson said. “It’s a false narrative that I’m seeking some type of position. I don’t need a position. I already have a platform, have had a platform for many years, long before I got into this, and working in ways to get kids educated. I’m going to continue to do that.”

“If he asked you, you would serve for him?” Todd asked.

“It really kind of depends on the situation. Again, I must emphasize, it is not what I’m looking for,” Carson replied.

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