Tired of the backstabbing and the unstoppable leaks, it looks like Trump’s ready to make some changes to his White House staff. Reince Preibus is allegedly on his way out, and it looks like Trump will be reaching out to a gentleman who helped put his campaign on the map.

That man we’re talking about is former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Former Trump advisor and longtime friend Roger Stone addressed the situation and recently expressed the frustration of Americans who had hoped Trump would surround himself with fellow outsiders, but opted to be more conciliatory towards the Deep Staters.

“I’ve known the president for 40 years, I consider myself a hard-core Trump loyalist,” said Stone. “I look at the White House staff list and I know two people on the staff. He has surrounded himself with quislings, and they leak like a sieve. He beat the establishment and then he immediately hired them, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Trump has reportedly grown frustrated with leaks coming from the White House. Politico reports that former campaign Corey Lewandowski, booted from Team Trump by elitist Paul Manafort and the machinations of GOP Deep Stater Reince Priebus, has resurfaced in the White House and is apparently getting ready to whip the President’s staff into shape.

Corey Lewandowski

The Politico asserts that Lewandowski’s planned staff overhaul with the President began on May 16, but he denied such a suggestion.