Two Muslim Migrants Join 5 Young Girls In Pool – What Happens Next Is Horrifying…

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The liberal media is trying to make Muslim migrants look as innocent as possible so that they can destroy Donald Trump’s travel ban. That’s why they’re trying to sweep this story under the rug…

Mad World News reported that two Muslim asylum seekers have been arrested and charged with molesting five girls aged 12-14 in a swimming pool in Bad Oldesloe, Germany. The two asylum seekers, who are aged 23 and 34, reportedly molested the girls underwater at the local swimming pool.

The incident was quickly reported to a lifeguard, who immediately threw the migrants out of the pool and banned them from the facility.

Muslim Thugs KIDNAP Christian Teenage Girl - What They Do Next Is Horrifying...

Unfortunately, this is just the latest in a long line of attacks like this in pools in Germany. A secret police document was leaked from Dusseldorf in 2016 that in which law enforcement officials voiced their “grave concern” about the rise in sex attacks by refugees at public swimming pools.

One month later, the professional swimming association in Germany began training migrants to serve as lifeguards in an effort to decrease the number of attacks.

THIS is the kind of fate Trump is trying to protect us from with his travel ban. SHARE this story if you think the immigration ban should be reinstated!