Video: Black Lives Matter Protests Block The Driveway Of A Father… Amazing Response

This exchange was luckily captured on film after a motorist was extremely frustrated with Black Lives Matter protesters blocking the interstate in California.

This was just one of a number of such incidents that occurred due to the protests.

Tyree Landrum was perhaps the most animated opponent. The black driver left his vehicle and cornered one protester, taking away his bullhorn. He then shouted his response to the common refrain ‘no justice, no peace.’

“I feel you,” he said on behalf of those stuck in traffic. “We ain’t got no justice either.”

“If I don’t get there I’m going to get fired,” he exclaimed. “I got six f—king kids to feed.”

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He then questioned the thought process behind staging such a disruptive event.

“Day goes on homie,” he told the protesters. “Motherf—kers get shot every f—king day. Deal with it the right f—king way – not like this.”

Addressing the group, he complained: “I’m about to lose my f—king job and you’re out here protesting.”

Though the obscenities might have been missing, plenty of other trapped drivers shared Landrum’s frustration.

“I have to go to work,” another motorist said. “They don’t really know anything about the real issue. They’re just complaining about something that could be dealt with differently.”

Watch the footage and let us know your thoughts.