Video: CEO Who threatened To Assassinate Donald Trump Now Says His Life Is Ruined

How did this guy think he would not get any blow back for making comments that threatened the life of our President elect?

Matt Harrigan is the man who made these comments and has been dealing with the repercussions on social media.

He was the CEO of a local cyber security firm until he was forced to resign following his rant about Trump.

Harrigan speaking to local investigator reporter Allison Ash told the “Team 10” reporter he and his family had to move out of their home and go into hiding after his post went viral.

Stating; “I’m incredibly apologetic, for that. I don’t know,” Harrigan said. “It was [a] very, very dumb thing to do, and I regret it very much… and I would take it back if I could.”

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Harrigan claimed he was drunk at the time he posted his vile comments on election night, stating he was just “over the top” with his “distasteful joke”.

What are your thoughts on this?