Video: “Death To America” Sign Holder Gets What He Deserves

A couple saw this man holding his “Death to America” sign in Middleburg, Florida and they made the decision to confront him by beating him up and stealing the sign. This was all caught on film.

The man and woman were driving past the curb in a gray Nissan when they saw Charles Brownett standing there with his sign, which read “Death to America” according to WJAX-TV. The woman in the car allegedly shouted at Brownett, “Why don’t you leave America?” to which he responded, “Give me some money,” the Clay County Sheriff’s Office report stated.

The duo then parked their vehicle at a nearby McDonald’s before walking back toward Brownett. The man, who can be seen wearing an orange shirt in video footage, shouted, “Actually, I like that sign. Give it to me,” according to WJAX.

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A fight then broke out:

Brownett’s sign and the issue of freedom of speech at play in this incident caused a stir amongst witnesses and social media users.

“He is in public area, where he has a right to be. He’s expressing an opinion that is his,” said Action News Jax Law and Safety Expert Dale Carson. “If he were encouraging some sort of violence or using prohibited language like the ‘F’ word or the ‘N’ word, then that could have had other ramifications.”

“He got what he deserved,” one female witness told WJAX. “Come on, it’s America, you’re not going to hold a sign with all the terroristic attacks going around the world. No.”

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