VIDEO: Hillary Exposed!! She Hid A Teleprompter In Her Debate Podium!

It is hard to believe that Hillary and her team thought they would get away with hiding a teleprompter when there were so many different cameras in the place for the debate. Whoever constructed the podiums had a large role to pay in this conspiracy.

One of the podiums appeared to have a special light on it, while the other one didn’t. This light acted as a teleprompter and gave Hillary answers when her old brain was failing her. When you are on a lot of medication, it is hard to memorize so many facts and figures.

This is why the Democrats decided to cheat. It would take numerous carpenters and technicians to construct this podium, so they were all in on it.

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It was also mean that the debate question would have to be known in advance by Hillary’s team. It is definitely fishy, as this video clearly demonstrates. There is no other explanation for what this light is. What are your thoughts?