Video: Wow! Mark Cuban Viciously Turns On Hillary And Calls Her Out!!

Wow! Hillary has gotten stabbed in the back from her previous supporter Mark Cuban.

She has been basing her campaign on trying to get Trump to release his tax returns.

She talked about it in the debates even, saying that he is afraid of doing so because he is not as rich as he claims or he doesn’t give money to charity.

Well Trump has since released a tax return showing emphatically that this is not the case.


Trump even tweeted out this photo joking about how long his tax returns are.

Well Mark Cuban just BETRAYED HILLARY on live TV and took Trump’s side in this debate.

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Even as much as Mark Cuban HATES Trump, even he can’t go along with Hillary’s #1 argument against Trump, that he should release his tax returns.

WATCH below as Mark Cuban takes Trump’s side and explains how meaningless Tax returns are and how unimportant of an issue this is.