Video: Wow! Obama Exposed By Fox News For Rigging Over 4 Million Votes

It is obvious that the Democrats have been rigging elections and using all tactics to try and get Hillary elected. Elections expert J. Christian Adams told FOX and Friends on this morning that there are 4 million dead people on US voter rolls.

Having been the Voting Section Attorney at the Department of Justice, he knows about these things.

Leftist groups continually sue to keep the voter rolls exactly the way they are. Why is that? Well, it’s very obvious. The current voter rolls benefit democrats, as the data shows dead people vote for democrats in an overwhelming majority. The Obama administration has no desire to clean up these voter rolls.

  1. Christian Adams says, “Dead people are voting and it’s something this administration does not want to do anything about. They must like it. They must like who they are voting for… Now we have four million, four million Steve, ineligible and dead voters on American voter rolls according to the Pew Charitable Trust.”

Check out the footage and let us know your thoughts.

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