WATCH: You Won’t Believe What Happened As Soon As Trump Arrived At New York Times…

Donald Trump arrived to meet with the liberal elites at the New York Times for his long awaited meeting with them on Tuesday afternoon. However, the reception he got there shows that even though he graciously agreed to meet with them, they still have no love for The Donald.

The Gateway Pundit reported that a mob of angry liberals gathered in the lobby of the New York Times building in Manhattan to greet Trump with a sea of boos and cheers. Though he managed to avoid them by going through a side entrance when he got to the building, he was forced to travel through the lobby past them on his way out.

It’s sickening to watch a large mob, many of whom had to be journalists, greeting our president-elect in such a despicable way.

It guess that’s about all we can expect from the New York Times…

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