What Hillary Just Did On Camera Will Make You SICK

With just a few days to go before the election, Hillary Clinton is stepping up her game by shamelessly pandering to minority voters.

According to Mad World News, Clinton appeared on Univision today for a bizarre Spanish birthday bash in which she gave a secret message to illegals. Clinton appeared on Univision’s Spanish-language talk show called “Gordo & Flaca” (Fat & Skinny) with a little person called Producer Carlitos who led her around and had her repeat words like “vote” and “president” in Spanish.

Hours later, the outtakes from the show have been posted online, and what Clinton said in them is disturbing.

“I want to be a really good president for you,” she said in one outtake. “I want to give you every opportunity to be successful in our country.”

In essence, Clinton is saying that she wants illegal aliens to be successful in OUR country, but the clip was left on the cutting room floor because her campaign wanted none of that talk to get posted online. Clinton has been struggling in the Cuban areas of Florida that typically vote Republican, and the one thing she needs to win this election is Florida. Cuban-Americans are VERY much against illegal immigration, which is likely why her campaign cut this clip.

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You’ll make the difference not just here in Florida, but everywhere,” Clinton said at the end of this video.

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