Certain actions taken by President Trump have reminded Americans how horrible it was to live under the reign of Obama. The men and women of the police force are especially incensed because it was Obama’s racially charged distrust of the police that allowed him to embrace cop killers and anarchists like Black Lives Matter.

It is sad that it takes a UK paper, the Daily Mail, to write that President Trump honored those in blue who have fallen with a Peace Officers Memorial Day ceremony at the White House that included the lighting up of the People’s house in blue.


During the ceremony, the President made it clear that his administration was vastly different from that of his predecessor.

“I will make it the personal priority of my administration to ensure that our police are finally treated fairly, with honor and the respect that they deserve,” the President said on the 55th Anniversary of the day of honor.

“Every drop of blood spilled by our heroes in blue is a wound inflicted upon the whole country. And every heart ache known by your families in law enforcement is a sorrow shared by the entire family of the American nation.”

While the President did not mention the Provocateur-In-Chief by name, he did slam Obama’s past attitude towards the police.

“We will protect you, that I can tell you, and we will say enough is a enough…the attacks on our police must end, and they must end right now.”

The enforcement of law in this country is in good hands with a President, Attorney General, a Homeland Security head, and a potential stellar FBI pick backing up an agenda that will finally undo the damage wrought by Obama.

Oh and in case you were wondering, Obama was asked to turn the White House blue last year, but refused. This is from The Blaze:

The significance of Trump’s gesture stands in opposition to former President Barack Obama, who was asked by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation last July to light the White House blue after the deadly attack on police in Dallas, the Washington Examiner reported.

Obama had flags flown at half-mast for police, the paper reported, but didn’t shine the blue light on the White House.

The former president did, however, illuminate the White House in rainbow colors after the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in June 2015.