What Was Just Found On Obama’s Muslim ‘Refugees’ Proves Trump Has Been Right All Along…

Just weeks before Donald Trump is set to take over the White House in January, Barack Obama quietly agreed to resettle 1,800 Muslim asylum seekers in the U.S. despite the fact that they were already rejected for disturbing reasons. However, what was just confiscated from these migrants proves that Trump has been right all along about the need for building a wall along our border.

Mad World News reported that law enforcement agencies from at least 20 countries that have taken in Muslim refugees have just revealed that they confiscated more than $51 million in cash and over 1,600 weapons and weapons parts from migrants they’ve already approved for asylum. These confiscations happened after the refugees returned to their homelands for “vacations” approved by their host countries after they had already been vetted.

This means that many of these so-called “refugees” were smuggling cash and weapons to ISIS, al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups.

International law enforcement agencies came together for an operation they call “chimera” in which they tried to control the flow of cash and other items from entering the war zones from which said refugees claim to be fleeing for their lives. It was during this operation that the Customs Administration seized over $51 million, over 485 weapons and weapons parts, and over 1,200 other weapons such as stun guns, batons, and brass knuckles.

Swedish Customs Administration stated that the confiscation of cash was made on refugees on their way to Iraq and Turkey. Since Turkey is one of ISIS’s top funders and Iraq is one of their strongholds, it seems obvious what these migrants had planned.


“We see a trend of bringing cash out of Sweden that would possibly have gone to finance terrorism. By interacting with the Enforcement Authority and the Police Authority, we combine more power, exercize cooperation, and increase our knowledge of cash smuggling,” said Linda Rundqvist, national operations coordinator of the Chimera on Customs.

Countries that participated in operation “chimera” include the Czech Republic, Latvia, Thailand, and even the United States.

It’s unbelievably disturbing that the U.S. participated in an operation that proved refugees are funding terrorists, yet Obama still approved the measure that would allow thousands of failed asylum seekers into our country. Fox News reported that Obama just agreed to take in 1,800 refugees who were rejected by Australia. These refugees had already been offered asylum in Nauru and Papua New Guinea, but they decided to hold out in favor of the more lavish benefits they would get in Australia.

Unsurprisingly, Australia determined that these migrants were not real refugees, but when Iran refused to take them back, the western nation was forced to find other countries that would be willing to let them in. For some reason, Obama decided to let them into the U.S. himself…

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