While We Were All Focused On The Debate, Michelle Obama Was Quietly Doing THIS

The entire nation is focused on the first presidential debate that is set to take place tonight, so Michelle Obama took the opportunity to shirk her first lady duties and schedule something disturbing for Wednesday.

According to The Post Gazette, Michelle is set to travel to Pittsburgh on Wednesday to shamelessly try to parlay her popularity among liberals into votes for Hillary Clinton. Michelle is scheduled to speak at 3:30 p.m. at the Fitzgerald Field House on the University of Pittsburgh campus in Oakland.

Michelle will begin her day in Philadelphia at the Tom Gola Arena on LaSalle University’s campus, where she will be speaking at noon. Hillary for America issued a press release saying that Michelle will be “laying out of the states of the election” and urging young people to register to vote.

Michelle’s Pennsylvania visit coincides with a new radio ad campaign targeting young people and referencing “African American millennials.” The ad will be airing in Pittsburgh and will refer to the need to lower college costs and to change laws that “put too many brothers and sisters in jail for too long.”

The Obamas are desperate to ensure that Clinton beats Donald Trump because they know that the GOP presidential nominee will immediately destroy all of their ridiculous policies if he gets elected. Depending on how badly Clinton does in tonight’s debate, Michelle may really have her work cut out for her on Wednesday…

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