There’s nothing that Whoopi Goldberg loves more than bashing Donald Trump with false claims on her liberal talk show The View. On Wednesday’s episode, however, Whoopi took things way too far, and social media users immediately let her know that they are sick of her anti-Trump attacks.

Gossip Cop reported that Whoopi spoke up to begin the segment in which the women discussed new reports that Trump asked now-former FBI Director James Comey to end the investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn’s ties to Russia.

“Just when you thought the topic of the week would be spilling secrets to the Russians, something crazier happens. He outdoes himself,” Whoopi said, offering no evidence that this actually happened.

She later slammed Trump for blaming the media for reporting fake news against him.

“You cannot in a free society hold back the press, because then, of course, that makes you like the Taliban, which you keep saying you’re not. Freedom of the press means no official poops on them,” Whoopi said.

She went on to disrespect Trump by refusing to say his name and saying that all of this is distracting everyone from his lack of implementing policy.

“If the guy who was supposed to be taking care of business cannot be trusted… I just feel it’s ridiculous that we keep talking about this. It’s a problem,” she complained.

Unfortunately for Whoopi, Twitter users made it clear that they have had enough of her nonsense.

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