Wow! 500 Obama Staffers Fired By Trump

It has been reported that Trump has fired roughly 500 of Obama’s current staff. He is going to bring his own team with him into the White House.

It is thought that Hillary would have done the same, but any glimmer hope for Obama’s staff was dashed when Trump was elected.

According to CBS News, LinkedIn officials are helping Obama’s staff find ways to market their skills.

“We designed this unique curriculum to help these staffers think through how to market themselves or market their competencies,” said Kelly Otter, dean of Georgetown’s School of Continuing Studies.

“The transition out of government is a reality for most appointees, which brings both excitement about prospects for the next chapter or a long-awaited chance to recharge batteries, and a keen awareness about a big, impending change,” said White House spokeswoman Jennifer Friedman.

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Ivan Adler, a headhunter at McCormick Group, explained that Obama’s staffers are about to face a major change in life that may be hard to get through.

“I tell everybody: You have to understand there’s likely nothing you will do professionally that will have the same amount of excitement you’ve just gone through in the White House, unless you become a racecar driver or an astronaut,” he said.

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