Wow! Billy Graham’s Decade Old Prediction About Trump…

The Christian Pastor Paula White gave a magnificent account during a rally recently for Donald Trump of a subject that left the crowd in central Florida speechless!

You can see the footage as she explains how she has long been a good friend of Trump’s and she had wanted to give him a bible signed by Rev. Billy Graham for his 60th birthday.

As she explains, the letter included encouragement that is she now considered to be “prophetic“…

“I found out that he really wanted a Bible that had been signed and a letter by Billy Graham. So for his 60th birthday, Billy Graham wrote a prophetic word and a letter to Mr. Donald Trump. Can you hear me here?” she asked the crowd. “I am saying that he loves God. So when you look at the fruit of his life, you see his children, you see the people around him.”

We don’t know what these profound words were, but it is obvious that they encouraged Trump to try and become president.

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Check out the footage and let us know your thoughts.