Wow! Check Out The People Who Are Actually Funding The Recount…

For once, George Soros isn’t the one behind all of the funding for some of the liberals who are trying to attack Donald Trump.

Stein raised almost double of what she had gotten for her presidential campaign when raising money for the recount. This is despite her missing the deadline for getting the Pennsylvania recount, which means the whole movement is effectively pointless.

Not only is she wasting the money of those people whom contributed to the recount cause, she is also going to be wasting taxpayer’s money.

As Fox News reported: The recount in the battleground state of Michigan could potentially cost taxpayers upwards of $12 million, according to Michigan Republican Party leaders.

According to the Detroit Free Press, a recount could begin as soon as Friday, with the goal of finishing by Dec. 10.

Huge Announcement Made By Jill Stein about the Recount.. Nobody Saw This Coming….

The Michigan board of canvassers declared Monday that Donald Trump had won the state with a margin of victory of 10,704 in the popular vote over Hillary Clinton, and was awarded the state’s 16 electoral votes. Stein and running mate Ajama Baraka won 1.1 percent of the state’s popular vote. She is spearheading similar vote recount efforts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.Clinton cannot win in the Electoral College unless recounts were to reverse the results in all three states

Of course, the deadline has been missed in Pennsylvania already.

What are your thoughts on this?