Wow! Gowdy Brutally Shuts Up This Stupid Congressman Live on TV!!

It seems that Trey Gowdy cannot put a foot wrong these days. He has constantly been a thorn in the side of Hillary and this looks set to continue into the future.

The Democrats have constantly tried to underwhelm Donald Trump and his campaign, saying that he is racist for trying to strengthen border security. What they don’t seem to grasp is that our country will be a lot safer if these people aren’t illegally coming in and causing crimes and bringing drugs and the likes with them.

Well Trey Gowdy was having none of that and told Hank Johnson to shut the F**k up! Not in those words, but in the meanest way allowable in front of this committee.

Trump Drops Criminal Bombshell On The Clintons, THIS Can And Will Put Them In Jail

Gowdy embarrasses Johnson in the best way possible here. The way the liberals operate is exactly how this conversation goes down: they keep talking when it’s not their turn, they try to make a point that makes them look good instead of having a meaningful and constructive debate, and they make sure their point is the one that wins even though it’s usually the point that makes the least amount of sense.

Check out the footage and let us know your thoughts.