BOOM!!! Take THAT, Democrats!


Rosie O’Donnell, Hillary Clinton, CNN, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and all the Mainstream Fake News Media, just got devastating news!

In spite of their unfair, lying, disgusting coordinated efforts to smear Trump and all of his supporters, Trump’s approval rating hit 55% — he’s more popular than ever and at a level that Obama NEVER HIT!

Could this FINALLY be the end of the loony Democrat party???

Here are the details…

Scott Rasmussen is one of the most respected pollsters in the nation and for years he has tracked presidential approval ratings. His latest poll shows how Trump has climbed to a 55% approval rating.

Appeals Court Issues Ruling On Trump Immigration Ban


It is obvious that Trump’s commitment to his campaign promises has left people feeling happy that he is in power.

When it was Election Day he only had a 30% approval rating. Obama never got this high of a rating during his two terms.

What are your thoughts on this?