Wow! Look What Happened To Black Singer After She Left Grammys in MAGA Dress

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This woman had the bravery to stand up for what she believes in and proudly wore a Make America Great Again dress at the Grammys. Conservatives have bene rewarding her ever since.

Joy Villa smashed the racist stereotype surrounding our president and she knew she would make herself a target by doing so.

Within seconds of stepping out in her MAGA gear, Villa was verbally berated by clearly non-tolerant leftists who even went as far as to call for her death. “ATTACK!! KILL HER!! THROW HER IN A CAMP…FOR ADULTS!!” one liberal psycho screamed on Twitter. Another stooped to an immature level by changing her name on Wikipedia to Joy Angela Villa Trash, the Gateway Pundit reported. The attacks raged on for hours, calling her a “desperate traitor,” and some turned racist since liberals only think racism is wrong when they claim it’s coming from a conservative. Then something really alarming happened after she left the show in her dress.

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Not long after leaving the show and learning of the attacks against her, she got the good news of the “Trump effect” she just received by being brave enough to show her support. Her album, I Make the Static, soared to the top of the charts on Amazon, going from number 543,202 to #3. That’s a 18,106,633 percent increase in a matter of hours and she is currently outselling her notoriously contentious counterparts, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

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