Wow! Mainstream Media Abandons Hillary! Wash Post Backing Trump

Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post and had made a promise that he would do his upmost to stop Trump from becoming president. 20 writers were tasked with digging up dirt on him.

This is why it was so shocking to hear this news. A writer form the Post, Ed Rogers has said that Trump won the third debate and he proceeded to go to town on Hillary.

“Donald Trump won tonight’s debate. He didn’t implode, he didn’t blither, he didn’t continually interrupt Hillary Clinton and he didn’t even sniff much. And, frankly, he had the best retorts and one-liners. Clinton was on her heels much of the night, and several times, she had to reset by resorting to tired, hollow platitudes — which only drove home the point that she lacks authenticity and appears to be a typical politician who is therefore dishonest.”

“The fact is this is a change election, and Clinton is not the change candidate. People don’t really want to vote for her, and tonight, she didn’t give them much of a reason to do so. And perhaps Trump put voters more at ease with Trump.”

 “Clinton, on the other hand, was over-prepared and over-rehearsed. As a result, she missed the bull’s eye during much of the night. Clinton’s forced smiles during some of Trump’s most effective lines, while probably the best she could do, did not fit the moment.”

Rogers then admitted the mainstream media’s biased narrative has taken a major hit:

“…it’s clear that the media — including me — expected a much worse performance [by Trump.]  In fact, the post-debate analysts seem as rattled as Clinton.”


“I expect to see some stories about panic in the Clinton universe by the time the Sunday shows roll around.”

Who would have thought that mainstream media support for Hillary would collapse with only a few weeks to the election!


What are your thoughts?