Wow! Melania Trump Explodes!!

Melania Trump knows her husband better than anyone and she has reached a tipping point when it comes to the blatant lies that are being fabricated against him by Hillary and her Democrat cohorts.

She has told her attorneys to notify People Magazine and the writer by the name of Natasha Stoyoff that they will be bringing immediate legal action against them unless there is a retraction and an apology issued within 24 hours after the writer made up a story regarding a meeting she chanced upon with Melania outside of Trump Tower.


According to Melania, she’s never met Stoynoff and couldn’t have recognized her as Stoynoff says she did.  This led Melania to conclude that Stoynoff is lying about everything in her article and to begin questioning the stories of the other women who have accused her husband of improper sexual advances.  She knows as well as anyone that it would be virtually impossible for a person to molest another person for fifteen minutes without anyone else knowing about it.  Even two minutes seemed unlikely to her.

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Melania had never witnessed anything in her husband’s past to suggest he was capable of such abhorrent behavior and that led her to realize just how dirty American politics has become.

What are your thoughts?