Wow! Michele Obama Has Sneakily Does This When Our Heads Were Turned

While Americans were watching the final presidential debate and discussing it, Michelle Obama used this as an opportunity to benefit herself.

Since she first entered the White House eight years ago as First Lady, she has been piggybacking off the backs of hard working Americans so she can live lavishly. Once again she did this during the week as she got a huge pension for her 79 year old mother, Marina Robinson.

American News reported that it was quietly announced this week that Robinson will receive a lifetime 160K government pension when she leaves the White House next year, paid for by the American taxpayers. Robinson has spent the last eight years living in the White House and raising Sasha and Malia Obama while Michelle jetted off on lavish vacations all over the world.

Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) confirmed that Robinson was given a lifetime pension for “services rendered as a full-time/in-home caregiver” for Sasha and Malia during the two terms Barack Obama was in office.

What are your thoughts on this?

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