Wow! Most Shocking WikiLeaks Yet Just A Day After Final Debate!!

It was always obvious that Hillary was for sale during her time as the Secretary of State.

While many of her politician counterparts would do the same thing, her corruption is just on a whole other level.

Only hours after the final debate, WikiLeaks released a huge report. It shows Hilary’s main assistant Huma Abedin admitted to a $12 million pay-to-lay offer from Morocco.

This is the leaked email which was included in the leaked batch of John Podesta emails which confirms the meeting with Hillary was coupled with a huge payoff.


While Hillary tries to blame Russia, there is no doubting the legitimacy of the emails. She has put our national security at risk many times in order to line her own pockets.

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The security concerns associated with her make her too much of a liability.

What are your thoughts?