Wow! Nordstrom Dropped Ivanka’s Brand and See What Happened To Them!

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A lot of stories have been in the news regarding Nordstrom puling Ivanka’s range of clothing form their stores. It is ridiculous and a petty thing for the corporation to do.

They simply want to take the Trumps down a notch.

Some shoppers are sick of this approach:

From Breitbart:

“I just cut up my Nordstrom platinum card as I refuse to waste thousands of dollars to support a company that mixes their politics with my fine shopping experience,” DiPasquale said in an email. “On the bright side…my husband will be THRILLED.”

So is Kelley Pinzon, another previously loyal Nordstrom’s shopper.

“After 28 years of customer loyalty, I will shred my Nordstrom card by the end of the week if y’all do not start selling Ivanka Trump products again,” Pinzon said in an email. “Please stop selling political messages and sell merchandise. I want to see Ivanka’s line restored.”

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These are just a few of many examples. Many people are turning their backs on Nordstrom for doing this. Not a very wise decision on the corporation’s behalf.

What are your thoughts on this?