Wow! Rights Set To Be Shut Down After Lou Dobbs Exposes George Soros

There have been many riots and protests since it was announced that Donald Trump won the presidential election. This shows how much of the Democrats are sore losers.

It is said that George Soros is funding these riots as well as John Podesta as they cannot admit they lost the election. The choice of America is being underwhelmed by these thugs.

George Soros is actively promoting chaos and riots in America to further his liberal agenda and that can’t be allowed. He is trying to turn this country into a war zone so that he can profit off of it.

Soros doesn’t care about the people protesting. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. he is purely trying to profit off of the chaos that he is causing.

He also knows that Donald Trump is going to bring him down for trying to rig the election and he is fighting to try and avoid going to jail, but he is using other people to do that for him!

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He has to be stopped and Lou Dobbs is helping to expose the lies that George Soros is spreading!