Wow! Shocking Racist and Sexist Footage of Obama Going Viral!!

Liberals have been outraged in recent days over passing comments Donald Trump made during a private conversation over a decade ago. Will they be similarly outraged when they see their hero Barack Obama being racist and sexist in a public talk?

He showed how much he disrespects women. He also speaks out about a number of religions as well as going after the African people.

At one stage he says “Yeah. Another guy said, but I tell you what. You won’t see me moving to no African jungle any time soon. Or some goddamn dessert somewhere sittin on a carpet with a bunch of Arabs, no sir.”

The racist Islamophobe continued spewing his hate speech, saying, “You won’t see me stop eatin no ribs either. Gotta have them ribs. And pussy too. Don’t Malcolm talk about no pussy? Now you know that aint gonna work.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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