Wow! The 2013 Tax Return of Trump Leaked and He Has Paid Way More Than What Is Fair….

The 2013 federal tax return of Donald Trump has been leaked and shows how he paid more than 40 million dollars on earnings of 278 million dollars for 2013. This is a big difference to the alleged tax return in the mid-nineties in which Trump allegedly had more than 900 million in losses and was said to subsequently not have paid taxes.

The tax return that was leaked was authenticated by trusted authorities. His charitable donations for the year were close to $27 million, which is about 10% of his total earnings. His campaign team did also verify that it was an authentic document, but they didn’t want to release it as “Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that his tax returns should not be released while he is being audited by the IRS.”

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The Clinton team reckons that it was intentionally leaked to try shift the limelight away from his recent controversial comments on a released audio file about women.

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