Wow! This Is The True Reason Why Hillary Did Not Speak On Election Night!!

As the upset of the century occurred and Hillary failed to win the election, she was shocked all of the illegal immigrant voters, slanderous ads and staged riots did not help her to get over the line in the end.

These tactics only divided people even more and now these riots continue around the country as people protest Trump’s victory.

Hillary Clinton was obviously upset to have lost to Donald Trump in the election and it was never more apparent then when she refused to speak to the thousands of people anxiously waiting her concession speech and her attempt to patch the country back together.

Bill O’Reilly Looses It, Unloads On Obama: “Your Anti Gun Garbage Is Getting People Killed”

There was never any explanation why Hillary Clinton never came out after she was guaranteed to lose, but now we know why she was nowhere to be seen.

“Hillary Clinton physically attacked both John Podesta and Robby Mook after she knew she would lose!”

It looks like she has finally cracked!

What are your thoughts on this?