Wow! Trump Claims Victory… Tim Kaine Goes On Massive Racist Rant… Check It Out Quick!!

Hillary wants to get this removed from the internet as soon as possible.

It was a couple of nights ago that the VP debates took place and Tim Kaine, Hillary’s VP running mate kept calling Trump ‘racist’ for being against illegal immigration?

Well they need to know that anyone can dig up their past statements thanks to the internet.

This 2005 video has been found which shows Kaine saying exactly what Trump was saying when he labelled his as a racist.

There have also been many racist quotes that Hilary has said. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

DISCLAIMER: Obviously, I don’t believe this statement is racist, but Tim Kaine does. We are just holding him to his OWN standard!

Tim Kaine is talking about illegal immigration and says,

“I am deeply opposed to illegal immigration, and  I call on the Federal Government, the President, the immigration services to STOP the in-flood of illegal immigrants into this country”

He didn’t stop there!

“I’ve supported wide state policies to make sure that we do not provide services to folks in this state not here legally”

By his own standards, he is a racist. WATCH this and SHARE it on Facebook so we can expose his hypocrisy to everyone!

(Hillary has also been exposed as a hypocrite on this topic, SEE BELOW the video)

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