Wow! UN Ambassador Betrays Hillary Savagely! Check It Out…

Hillary Clinton talks often about her three decade in politics, but they have only added to her outward appearance of corruption.

Trump has constantly pointed out that she accomplished nothing while being Secretary of State, making things worse a lot of the time.

Hillary thinks she is stronger when it comes to foreign policy, but UN ambassador John Bolton had a few things to say on the topic…

According to Breitbart:

“I think that the various issues that relate to Putin in the broader foreign policy context help demonstrate what I think was the biggest takeaway from the debate last night in the national security area, and that is really just how close Hillary’s foreign policy views are to Obama’s,” he said.

“There’s a notion out there in some circles that she’s gonna be tougher, have a more hawkish foreign policy. Absolutely false,” Bolton declared. “Her worldview is the same as Obama’s, and I think Trump made that point very clearly as part of that discussion. When he talked about how Hillary Clinton as secretary of state and Obama were out-negotiated by the Russians in terms of the New START nuclear arms treaty, how they’ve been out-maneuvered by Russia in Syria ever since the conflict began there, right after the Arab Spring in 2011 – that’s what I think Trump means when he talks about Putin being a strong leader, compared to Obama and his foreign policy, which is weak, and which Hillary would continue.”

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Bolton thought that Trump “made more points on national security in this debate than he was able to make in earlier debates.”

“I think that he demonstrated convincingly, and Hillary didn’t back away from, the fact they will follow the same policies in a Clinton administration as in Obama’s. For example, in the case of Iran, he excoriated her for her support of the Iran nuclear deal, which I think is the worst act of appeasement in American diplomatic history. Hillary Clinton’s only regret there is that she wasn’t able to cut the deal while she was secretary of state, and it fell to John Kerry to do it,” he said.

“I thought Trump made a very important point about the conflict we’re reading about daily around Mosul, in Iraq – that even if the Iraqi forces, aided by American advisers, succeed in taking Mosul in the very near future, that will primarily advantage Iran,” Bolton said. “This is a complex multi-sided war in Iraq and Syria, and while, certainly, ISIS should be eliminated and its territorial control eliminated, as rapidly as possible, we should not do it in a way that benefits Iran more than is absolutely necessary.”

What are your thoughts on this?