You’ll Be Shocked To Hear Who Will Run Versus Trump For The Democrats In 2020!! Is this A Joke?

This is something that is hardly believable. Democrats are contemplating getting their own version of someone not having any political experience and entering them into the presidential election in 2020.

As a Party, they use racism and sexism to choose their candidates. Nobody cares if they have policies and plans that will help the nation.

They are protesting furiously about a successful billionaire businessman running the country and applauding the woman who spends her time talking about school lunches as being their next big candidate.

The TELEGRAPH Reports:  The Donald Trump win devastated many who wanted America to elect its first female president.

However, some have already cast aside their previous female candidate, Hillary Clinton, and are now endorsing another potential first female president – Michelle Obama.

The First Lady to Barack Obama is very popular and many think she would be in with a chance of winning the election for the Democrats in 2020.

The hashtag #Michelle2020 trended on Twitter as people voiced their hopes she would save the US from President Trump.

While some are tweeting in jest, others seem to actually want her to run to be president of the United States as a tonic to Donald Trump’s impending term.

What are your thoughts on this?

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