2020 Biden Voters Say Trump Was Better For Them


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A group of voters who cast ballots for Joe Biden in 2020 are fed up with his “gaslighting” on the economy and other issues and indicated they may give former President Donald Trump the nod this year.

Referred to simply as “Omar,” one individual participated in a focus group of “undecideds” convened earlier this week to deliberate on the 2024 election and factors influencing their voting decisions, The Daily Wire reported. He seemed to align with the group’s sentiments regarding their opinions on Biden, especially over the state of the economy.

During the conversation, they were asked to compare their current economic condition under Joe Biden’s presidency with that of Donald Trump’s. Surprisingly, each one of them expressed that they believed they were better off during Trump’s administration.


The focus group was then asked a follow-up question: “Is there anything Joe Biden could do or say between now and the time you vote that would make you feel differently about feeling that his policies would not be as good for your family on the economy, or are you pretty much decided that Trump’s policies would be better for the economy?”


One of the women was the first to respond, expressing her sentiment that Biden appeared to be neglecting to address the economy in a substantive manner.

“I feel like he doesn’t even take accountability for what’s — at all, with what’s going on. And not even accountability, like he’s in denial that it’s happening!” she said.

“The point is Biden needs to hear the people,” Omar added. “Because when he’s talking about the economy doing stellar, he’s talking about the stock market, he’s not looking at homelessness or joblessness, he’s not … thinking about how much it costs to go to the grocery store. And he’s gaslighting literally everyone in the process.”

“And Omar, you voted for Joe Biden last time,” the moderator prompted for clarification.

“Yeah,” Omar confirmed that he had.


Biden is falling further behind Trump on the issues voters care most about this election year, according to another recent survey.

According to the ABC/Ipsos poll conducted between March 8 and 9 of 539 adults, 36 percent of respondents said that they trusted Trump compared to 33 percent who said they trusted Biden, while 30 percent said neither candidate had their trust.

Trump received higher ratings than President Biden on all issues except abortion and climate change when respondents were asked about their opinions on the job performance of both presidents, The Post Millennial reported, citing the survey.

Trump garnered a 49 percent favorable rating on the economy, contrasting with Biden’s 37 percent. Regarding inflation, 45 percent approved of Donald Trump, compared to 31 percent for Biden. Regarding crime, Trump was viewed more favorably at 41 percent compared to Biden’s 35 percent. Similarly, on immigration, the former president received a 45 percent favorable rating, while Biden trailed with 29 percent.

Meanwhile, an analysis noted that Biden’s post-State of the Union Address polling is doesn’t align with the hyping of Biden’s performance by fellow Democrats and the bulk of the ‘mainstream’ media.

Writing in the Washington Post, Aaron Blake said that “it’s not so clear the American public saw the home run that they did,” adding that instant post-speech polling from CNN and a few other outlets wasn’t as good as it normally could have been.

Biden’s campaign and several media outlets have highlighted a post-speech instant CNN poll indicating that 65 percent of viewers gave a positive review of Biden’s speech. Additionally, viewers’ perception of the country’s direction shifted by 17 points, with 62 percent believing the country is headed in the right direction after the speech, up from 45 percent before, Blake wrote, adding:

Both of these are true. What’s also true is that State of the Union speeches almost always receive strongly favorable views, in part because viewership tends to draw disproportionately from their allies.

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