Trump-Hillary Rematch? Reporter Questions Dems Options Going Into 2024


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Donald Trump has dropped several hints that he’s strongly considering running for president in 2024.

Is twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton considering a third crack at the White House?

According to conservative media reporter Joe Concha, Clinton may be the Democrats’ best hope.

In an op-ed for The Hill, Concha questions whether Joe Biden can and will run for a second term in office given how disastrous his first term has been.

If Biden can’t answer the 2024 bell, Concha wonders who Democrats would turn to.

“There may be a rematch coming in the 2024 race for the White House. But we’re not talking (God help us) Biden-Trump II,” Concha writes.


“Instead, 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is an interesting prospect to consider when looking for a viable candidate, particularly if an 80-something President Biden decides not to seek a second term. And why would he? Just 22 percent of voters want him to seek a second term, according to an I&I-TIPP poll. It doesn’t get much better when polling only Democrats, where just 36 percent want to see the president run again, with that juggernaut candidate named “someone else” coming in first with 44 percent support,” he added.

“The Democratic bench is about as deep as the New York Jets’ these days. Vice President Harris? She’s at 28 percent approval, per USA Today. Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo? No longer governor and thoroughly disgraced. California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D)? He had to spend major time and resources just to avoid being ousted in deep-blue California during a recall election earlier this year. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg? Not even 40 percent and he has a supply chain crisis on his résumé. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)? Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)? Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.)?” he questioned.

“If those are the options, why not Hillary? She’s 74 years old, which is like being bathed in the fountain of youth compared to Biden,” he said.

Rumors have been swirling about Clinton given her recent uptick in media appearances.

Last week, she claimed that Trump winning the White House again in 2024 will be the end of American democracy.

“If I were a betting person right now, I’d say Trump is going to run again,” she said Sunday on NBC’s “Today.”

“He seems to be setting himself up to do that, and if he’s not held accountable, then he gets to do it again. I think that could be the end of our democracy. Not to be too pointed about it, but I want people to understand that this is a make-or-break point,” she claimed.

Last week, Clinton made headlines for a video clip in which she choked up as she read what she claimed was her victory speech, choking up as she talked about her mother, Dorothy Rodham, who died in 2011. Clinton has said her mother had a difficult childhood.


“I dream of going up to her and sitting down next to her, taking her in my arms and saying, ‘Look at me. Listen to me. You will survive. You will have a good family of your own, and three children,’” Clinton said.

“And as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the United States,” she sobbed.

Clinton has never gotten over her loss to Trump; she has regularly clung to the disproven narrative that the election was “stolen” from her by Russian operatives working with the Trump campaign.

She has also blamed fired FBI Director James Comey, even though he decided to let her off the hook for what he said were notable legal violations in mishandling classified emails.