‘Abandon Biden’ Movement Picking Up Steam In All Swing States: Report


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A new movement to replace President Joe Biden with another candidate or see him defeated in November is gaining steam, putting new pressure on his reelection campaign even as he trails likely GOP nominee and former President Donald Trump in national polling.

A national Muslim activist group called “Abandon Biden” is organizing operations in nine swing states to prevent President Joe Biden from winning reelection in November in response to his handling of the Israel and Hamas war, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

The outlet noted that the group is not supportive of Trump, either, but would be okay with him winning another term if it meant Biden would be defeated:

Abdel Salam, 48, is among a group of Muslim activists, including several Minnesotans, who are organizing in nine swing states in opposition to Biden’s re-election. The group’s leaders say they want to politically punish the president for what they describe as enabling mass civilian casualties in Gaza.

Salam, a University of Minnesota human rights professor, left the campus in April to help lead the movement.


The report indicates that the group prioritizes punishing Biden over preventing a second Trump presidency. Additionally, Salam told the Tribune that a Biden loss over his Israel-Hamas policies would significantly shift the pro-Palestinian stance to become the mainstream view of the Democrat Party.

He said he and other Abandon Biden leaders are evaluating third-party candidates and plan to make an endorsement this summer. But if Trump wins because of their work, “the big gift that would come out of punishing the president is that an entire party … becomes a pro-Palestinian party against the occupation and will begin to look for equity much more aggressively than we have in the past,” Abdel Salam said.

Throughout the election year, Biden’s reelection campaign has faced significant discontent from the left, particularly among Muslims, Arab-Americans, young voters, and progressives. The dissatisfaction has been highlighted by over half a million Democrat primary voters who expressed their protest against Biden’s handling of the war and their demand for a ceasefire by casting “uncommitted” votes against him.

The “Listen to Michigan” campaign highlights concerns that discontented voters might abstain from voting in November unless there’s a significant shift in Biden’s policy. Although Biden called for a ceasefire and threatened to withhold weapons from Israel in April, the movement continued through the Maryland Democrat primary on May 14. With the November election less than six months away, time is running out for Biden to address these issues effectively, the outlet noted.


Breitbart News added:

While Maryland is not realistically in play for Republicans, the movement in Michigan and other swing states, where margins between Trump and Biden were tight in 2020, pose extreme danger for Democrats and Biden, especially as polling indicates Trump is already leading in many of these states.

The group’s website,, notes they are targeting Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Jaylani Hussein, a member of the national Abandon Biden board, emphasized the significant impact the Muslim vote could have in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, pointing out that these states’ electoral outcomes could be heavily influenced by the demographic.

“Our math right now shows really no pathway for Biden to win,” he told the Tribune.

A recent New York Times/Siena College poll found that Trump has made significant inroads with Muslim and Arab-American voters in swing states, showing him leading with 57 percent of these voters compared to Biden’s 25 percent.

“Those who say they voted in the 2020 election reported backing Mr. Biden by a similar but opposite margin, 56-35,” The NYT’s Chief Political Analyst Nate Cohn reported on May 13.

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